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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What is Indian Navy? Objectives of Indian Nausena

Indian Navy or Bhartiya Nausena is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The main objectives of the Indian Navy is to secure the sea border of the Indian coast of the country.

Origin of Indian Navy

Indian Navy was started from the era of East India Company in the year of 1612. The objectives of the East Indian Navy was to protect the region from the British merchant shipping.  Then after in the year 1793, the East India Company expanded their rule in the eastern part of the India. Now after 1830, this colonial navy was renamed as Majesty’s Indian Navy.
After India has become a republic in 1950, then it was renamed from the present name i.e. Royal Indian Navy since 1934 to the new name i.e. Indian Navy.

Objectives of Indian Army

The main objective of Indian Navy is to secure the national’s maritime borders with the joint efforts of Armed Forces of the union. They act to remove the threat and aggression against the territory, people or maritime interests of India, both in war and peace.
The Indian navy organises various joint exercises and good will visit and the humanity missions which includes disaster relief, Indian Navy promotes bilateral relations between nations. 15 August Speech

Organisational Structure

As the stats given in the 2017, there are 67,228 personnel in the Indian Navy. In the march 2018, the operational fleet is comprising of one aircraft carrier ,one amphibious transport dock, eight landing ship tanks, 11 destroyers, 13 frigates, one nuclear-powered attack submarine, one ballistic missile submarine, 14 conventionally-powered attack submarines, 22 corvettes, one mine countermeasure vessel, four fleet tankers and various other auxiliary vessels. itbp pay slip
Current role
The principal roles of the Indian Navy are
  • It works for the Interest of India’s maritime and to expand the nation's political, economic and security objectives;
  • Indian Navy and Indian coast guard works together to ensure stability in India's maritime zones of responsibility.
  • It helps in the various disaster occurs in the coastal areas in the national boundaries.
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